Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detectives


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What if Sherlock Holmes Wasn't Alone?  Sherlock Holmes —the name immediately brings to mind an image of the great detective sitting in his rooms in 221B Baker street, his fingers steepled before his hawkish nose, his sharp grey eyes focused on the client who has brought a little puzzle for him to solve. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said when one reads the names of the other literary detectives of the time period, sometimes referred to as the rivals of Sherlock Holmes. Sadly, names like Lois Cayley, Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen, The Old Man in the Corner, or Dr. Thorndyke are meaningless to all but the most ardent admirers of Victorian and Edwardian mysteries. The Great Detective Universe series hopes to rectify this problem and expand the world of Sherlock Holmes by bringing the consulting detective and his purported rivals into a shared universe, in other words, a universe where not just Holmes and Watson lived but also Carnacki, Father Brown, The Grey Seal, and many other great detectives.Sherlock Holmes and the Great Detectives has Holmes partnering with these other noted sleuths to fight crime and stop master criminals.

See Sherlock Holmes partner with: Professor Augustus S. F. X. Van Dusen a.k.a The Thinking Machine • Carnacki, the Ghost Finder • The Grey Seal • Doctor Thorndyke • “The Old Man in the Corner” • Lois Cayley • Father Brown  And many, many more!!