Belanger Books is one of the world’s most prominent Sherlock Holmes publishers. Founded in 2015 on an ever-expanding library of anthologies and novels, our collections have received praise in I Hear of Sherlock and reviews.

Belanger Books is the proud publisher of August Derleth's classic pulp detective Solar Pons. We are officially authorized by Arkham House to not only reprint all of the original stories, but to publish new adventures of this fan-favorite character. 

We proudly support The Beacon Society, encouraging teachers, librarians, museum and children’s theatre directors to use Sherlock Holmes to educate and engage; and The Fisher House Foundation, helping military families stay together during medical crises. 

Derrick Belanger, PSI is an author and educator most noted for his books and lectures on Sherlock Holmes and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as his writing for the blogs I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere and Belanger Books Sherlock Holmes and Other Readings Blog. Both volumes of his two-volume anthology, A Study in Terror: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Revolutionary Stories of Fear and the Supernatural were #1 best sellers on the U.K. Sherlock Holmes book list, and his MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes chapter book, Attack of the Violet Vampire! was also a #1 bestselling new release in the U.K. Through his press, Belanger Books, he has released a number of Sherlock Holmes anthologies as well as new editions of August Derleth’s original Solar Pons series. In 2019, Mr. Belanger received his investiture in the PSI as “Albert, the Dove”. In January 2020, Mr. Belanger was awarded the Susan Z. Diamond Award in recognition of outstanding efforts to introduce young people to Sherlock Holmes. Mr. Belanger's academic work has been published in The Colorado Reading Journal and Gifted Child Today. Find him at and

Brian Belanger, PSI is a publisher, editor, illustrator and graphic designer.  His illustrations have appeared in the popular MacDougall Twins with Sherlock Holmes children's series, as well as Sherlock Holmes: A Three-Pipe Christmas and the novels Scones and Bones on Baker Street, Rascal in the Castle and the children's book Dragonella.  Brian designs all of the book covers for Belanger Books, and since 2016 he has produced the majority of book covers for MX Publishing.  More recently, Brian has written and designed for LetterJoy's "Dear Holmes" series and illustrated a comic book for the funk band The Moonlight Initiative.  In 2019, Brian received his investiture in the Praed Street Irregulars as "Sir Ronald Duveen".  Find him online at, and