The New Adventures of Solar Pons Special BSI Weekend Paperback Edition


Now, for the first time ever, the estate of August Derleth has authorized the first ever anthology of Solar Pons stories! These twenty new adventures range from soon after Pons and Parker met in 1919 to a story that occurs after Germany has been defeated in World War II. Each of them fully and traditionally falls within the Pontine Canon.

The authors of these stories have contributed their royalties to the Jan Stauber Grant Fund for the Beacon Society, which provides scholarships to educators, schools, and Sherlockian Scion societies, allowing them to purchase Sherlock Holmes books and materials in order to introduce young people to The Canon.

VERY RARE!  This special paperback edition was printed in a limited run, to be sold at the Baker Street Irregulars' (BSI) weekend festivities every January in NYC.  Only available while supplies last.